Planet and Excellence

These are the 2 most precious values that define Green Aroma – Planet and Excellence

Our biggest concern is to produce organic herbs in the most eco-friendly way possible.
In order to achieve that, GA respects the planet in all stages of our Eco circular farming model.

That’s why we can deliver to you the most eco-friendly organic herbs in the world (from seed to your hands)

As a farming company, Green Aroma harvests organic herbs and categorizes them into 3 different levels concerning quality. There are several factors which determine whether the quality in each harvest will be medium, great or excellent. Nature of course has the prevailing power in this equation.

  • Medium quality – 10% – 15% of all our harvests - Herbs that Nature decides that won't achieve a great quality level (color, volatile oil content and aroma). GA doesn’t sell this level of quality! We harvest (allowing new sprouts to arise) and we reintegrate these green materials into our Eco circular farming model in order to produce our own compost and eco-fertilizers.
  • Great quality – 70% – 80% of all our harvests - Herbs that Nature decides that won't achieve excellent quality level. These herbs are sold to other companies which use them to pack under their brands.
  • Excellent quality – 1% – 5% of all our harvests – Very rarely Nature gives us this beautiful gift – the possibility to pack our limited series of products.

Green Aroma only packs excellent quality herbs!

We want to give you the chance to taste the excellence Nature has to offer, when we all take care of her.

Our planet and Green Aroma thank you for your right choice!