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Our Limited Series

GA decided only to pack limited series of herbs, in order to show you how Nature's excellence can taste.

The amount of herbs we can harvest with excellent quality, dictates the number of pyramid bags we can produce on each serie of products.

When choosing bigger packaging sizes (M and L) you will taste exactly the same excellence (the packaging size doesn’t matter because the herbs inside come from the same harvest) and you reduce the number of packages / shipments

This limited series only can come from the spring harvest -  the maximum exponent stage of vegetative growth. If Nature allows so, this is the perfect timing to seize the excellence of the volatile oil content, the green and fresh appearance and the strong aroma which herbs only have in this season of the year.

These delicate products are worked 100% manually and are the result of the finest farming methods and rigorous selection.

Unfortunately we cannot simply order Nature to provide us with excellence because there are too many factors involved that determine which quality herbs will have at our fields.

If the herbs don’t achieve the excellent quality in the fields, we choose not to pack them under Green Aroma’s brand.