Eco orders and eco shipping

How can we turn orders and shipping more planet friendly?
To decrease shipments and vastly reduce the footprint that we simply can’t eliminate from the equation, GA decided to adopt some procedures:

Concerning orders:

Procedure 1  Discounts to encourage bigger orders / less shipments

To help our planet, GA decided to create a discount chart. The goal is to encourage our customers to place bigger and less regular orders

To get discounts, you can always gather your family and friends to place a more mindful order

Everybody (our planet included) wins by ordering this way!

Procedure 2 – Orders acceptance and dispatch

We only prepare and dispatch orders once a week to avoid multiple trips of DHL fleet to our farm

Procedure 3 – Return orders

GA gives you the most planet friendly option to return your orders!

Returning a package always results in carbon footprints that can certainly be avoided. For that reason, GA does not receive returned packages

If you want to return any purchased item, please get in touch with our quality department. GA will refund the amount you spent at our online store

Concerning deliveries (Ways to close the circle – the journey until your hands!):

Procedure 1  Green delivery system

GA decided to take action and implemented a more eco-friendly and clever system to accept and dispatch orders.

  • All our deliveries are made through DHL GO GREEN program. It is one of the most ambitious programs worldwide to mitigate transport footprint
  • All our deliveries are made through the DHL PAPERLESS TRADE program. This way of delivering involves zero paper in all steps of delivery. Unfortunately there are some countries that don’t allow paperless trade yet
  • All our deliveries are made through the DHL ON DEMAND DELIVERY program. This efficient and planet friendly way of delivering parcels gives our client the possibility to choose the best / most efficient way to receive their orders

Procedure 2 – Eco Shipping materials 

  • Customized boxes to satisfy orders. Our different sizes of delivery boxes were made with the right size, so they won’t get dispatched half empty. If this simple idea was to be adopted worldwide, road transportation would decrease about 20% – 25%
  • Delivery card boxes are made from paper that comes from FSC forests Certification
  • Pallets made from wood that came from FSC forests Certification
  • Oxo-Biodegradable film on palletization Certification

Eco Circular Farming Model