• GA uses 2 types of harvesting methods:

1 - Hand harvesting - only used if the quality of herbs in the fields is excellent which allows us to pack our limited series of products. Harvest is made during night time to avoid herbs to start their fermentation process. Besides that, hand work is more delicate and more precise than machinery work but surely is harder and more expensive. By using hand methods, GA is able to support local families by creating permanent and well paid jobs

2 - Solar powered harvester – used when herbs have a great quality on fields, enough to satisfy other brand’s quality standards

When herbs don’t have the desired quality on the fields, we don’t even dry them. We harvest (in order to give plants the chance to develop new sprouts) and reintegrate this rejected material into our vermicompost unit. Then, we wait to see what Nature gives us on the following harvest season

Eco Circular Farming Model